Tintin in the New World

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In the queerly beautiful “Tintin in the New World” Frederic Tuten…shows that by tapping the energy of Herge’s archetypes he has, surprisingly, been able to make a statement more personal than autobiography.
—The New York Times

A wildly inventive allegorical fantasy, Tintin in the New World is a serious novel hiding behind a comic-book conceit, which is also extremely funny.
—Jonathan Coe for London Review of Books

Frederic Tuten is a magician….I love the way the novel deepens as it goes, the music of its sadness, and the inventive humor. Its wisdom and its art moved me very much.
—Susan Sontag

It’s a masterpiece. The prose is exquisite. The diction is perfect. It is just the novel to be in the vanguard of 21st century fiction.
—Leslie Marmon Silko