The Green Hour

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Cleanly reasoned, pellucidly phrased, in some respects this novel is as “bloodless and cerebral” as Poussin’s paintings, and yet as infused with emotion as Goya’s. Yet its portrait of a modern woman’s dilemma is, in the end, genuinely moving.
—Publishers Weekly

Tuten is fascinated by the way art brings order and grace to life, and yet how for all its spirituality, art is not enough…. Cosmopolitan, erotic, beautifully melancholy, and suspenseful, Tuten’s intellectual romance artfully ponders the reconditeness of love, and what his chic heroine sees as Poussin’s theme: “the omnipresence of Death in the center of life.”
—Donna Seaman for Booklist

An affecting novel that explores the nature of love and the relationship between art and life.
—Francine du Plessix Gray

I felt moved and involved and above all envious. I loved this novel and could not put it down.
—Steve Martin

An engaging love story, quirky, cosmopolitan, full of upliftings and downturnings, hopes aroused and hopes defeated.
—Larry McMurtry  

The Adventures of Mao on the Long March

Purchase The Adventures of Mao on the Long March at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Strand. The Marathon Reading of Mao took place on December 4, 2011. It was reviewed in The Observer and the Wall Street Journal (subscription required). The event was also blogged and...

Tallien: A Brief Romance

Purchase Tallien at Amazon or Barnes & Noble "It was really good, looked like a little nothing, then it went sailing off and sped deep into the heart." This response by the character Tallien to a brief letter from his former benefactor is likely to be the reader's...

Tintin in the New World

Purchase Tintin in the New World at Amazon (paperback), Kindle edition, Barnes & Noble, or Strand.   In the queerly beautiful "Tintin in the New World" Frederic Tuten...shows that by tapping the energy of Herge's archetypes he has, surprisingly, been able to...

Van Gogh’s Bad Café

Purchase Van Gogh's Bad Café at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Strand. A magical painter in words, Tuten (Tintin in the New World) gets inside the Dutch artist's wounded soul as few writers have.... Tuten is a remarkable stylist, able in one sentence to combine the...

Self-Portraits: Fictions

Purchase Self Portraits: Fictions at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Strand What an amazing, glittering, glowing, Proustian, Conradian, Borgesian, diamond-faceted, language –studded, myth-drowned dream! —Cynthia Ozick   Frederic Tuten's Self-Portraits are beautifully...